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Ѻا : 7/03/2018
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  Who Killed Rational Use of Medicine?
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Who Killed Rational Use of Medicine?

A detective story to discover the perpetrators, accomplices and cover-ups

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What were world famous detectives Herlock Sholmes and Dr Whatsup doing at a conference in Bangkok on improving the use of medicines? What exactly was the crime they were investigating and what clues were they searching for? Find out how the ace detectives discovered a complex and worrying plot to prevent medicines from being used in a rational and effective way. How medicines, that are supposed to be lifesaving and beneficial to humans, end up doing harm to patients both physically and financially. And how behind such inappropriate use, is a deep-rooted human tendency to search for magic solutions for all problems, which is taken advantage of by vested interests willing to supply them for quick profits, without any scruples. As they help uncover the plot Sholmes and Whatsup are aided by academics, health professionals, researchers and activists, who have studied factors driving the problem and possible responses too. Using new knowledge, perspectives, ideas that flowed freely among conference delegates the detectives finally figure out who the real culprits behind the murder of rational use of medicine are. And when they do, they are as surprised as you will be too, when you find out the answer.
(Hint: The butler had nothing to do with it!)